ALW Testimonials and Client Wins

Dr Randall Davis

ALW: Ruth has been extremely helpful in collecting funds for my company. She has shown to be someone who will go out of her way, and do whatever she can to make things work right. She definitely offers exchange in abundance. She is very professional and knows her business very well. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a competent and accurate, and timely billing service.


Dr. Jan Lei Iwata, 

I have worked with Ruth at ALW Medical Billing for over 3 years now, and find her to be committed to getting claims processed on time, and recovering difficult coinsurance cases with patients. She stops at nothing, and is hardworking, competent, professional, efficient, and highly knowledgeable about the coding/medical insurance industry. She knows the medical documentation needed to get paid on time, and is not afraid to go after difficult workman's compensation, auto insurance, and general liability insurance cases involving claims and payment issues that are outside the norm of submitting to just regular medical insurance claims. She's a pleasure to work with, is conscientious, and has a strong work ethic, You'll never find anyone more committed with higher integrity and personal/business skills than her to work with, and she's always accessible. I can count on her for any and everything!


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